Book Review: Raw Edges

Raw Edges (Quilts of Love #10) by Sandra D. Bricker

This book pretty much had me in tears from the start!  Okay I’m a big pile of mush normally anyway but this definitely touched a cord somewhere – maybe it’s the whole mum hormone thing?

The story follows a dad (Grayson) and his eleven year old daughter Sadie following the death of Jenna (his wife and her mother) as they get involved, at the insistence of Sadie, with a local support group and Annabelle (one of it’s members) who are in the process of creating a memory quilt as a fundraising exercise.  Placed between each chapter are journal entries written to Sadie from Jenna in preparation for her life without her Mum.

Sadie will capture your heart and she learns to heal, both herself and her Dad as they attempt to navigate life’s puzzle without a key piece.  Showing that even in the midst of grief you can learn to live and love again.

The book is well written and pulls you into their world completely.  It makes you feel a whole range of emotions – one minute you are laughing the next tears are running down your cheeks.

Four stars.


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