Book Review: Me Before You

I read this on the recommendation from my Mum.  Although I’d head of it, I had put Me Before You in the Chick Lit genre, which I don’t normally read (or really enjoy).

I took it away with me to the beach and figured I’d read it if I could…. well once I started reading, I couldn’t stop – which can be a problem when you have a breastfeeding newborn and a two year old to entertain!

JoJo Moyes gripped me from the opening pages.  Bringing me into Lou and Will’s private world and all the complications in it.  It is well written (so much so that my husband has read it and loved it too) and not at all the chick lit novel that I was expecting.

The subject was interesting and definitely made you think.  What would you do in the same circumstances for each character?  Would you make the same decisions?

I realise there is not too much here on the content as I don’t want to give too much away….. but read it.

A movie has been made, I haven’t seen it and I’m not sure that I want to.  I have the characters in my head of who they are and what they look like and I’m not sure I want a movie to mess with that.

What are your thoughts on movies that are made from a book – do you think there are any that are as good or better?

Happy Reading


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