Book Review: Grace Not Perfection

Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

What can I say I loved this book.  This book is stunning – not just visually (I mean who doesn’t love a hot pink book with a gold pineapple), but the content….

It is full of encouragement, practical advice and exercises (and ones that don’t require special equipment or taking a year out of your life to travel the world) to help you find what is important to you, where you want to be and places you can simplify (Hello word of 2017) your life and appreciate the joy in the everyday.  It provides a reminder that we don’t need Pinterest-beautiful homes (or birthday parties as Emily puts it) to live our lives.

I would recommend this to anyone (especially those who are feeling a little overwhelmed with life and the expectations that they put on themselves).  Although it is written from the perspective of a Mum and thus aimed at that direction I feel that Emily Ley’s advice is equally applicable to everyone.

Grace Not Perfection quickly became my mantra during the reading of this book, so much so that it is my new computer wallpaper and I really want to get it printed and put on my wall.


Five Stars!